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chromatographicpretreatment instrument
  AT Serial Column Heater
  DG Serial Mobile Phase On-line Vacuum Degassing Systems
  AP Serial Vacuum Pumps
  AL Serial solvent Filtration Apparatus
  Solvent filtering bottle
  SRJ-20A Solvent Recycler
  AS Serial Ultrasonic Cleaner
  APTC Serial Peltier Tenperature Cotroller
  API-1 Auto sampler
Biochemical andOther instruments
  ASE-12/24 Solid-Phase Extraction
  PVM/SSM Multiple Filtration Holder & Manifolds
  UH Serial Ultrasonic Processors
  AM Serial Magnetic Stirrer
  Tubing Pumps
  ATBM-400B BagMixer
  WB Serial water-bath
  AXS Serial Small Shaker
  MH Multi Heater Plate
  MTN Serial pressure blowing concentrator
  SWB-2000 Horizontal Shaking Bath
Accessories consumables
  Chromatography Accessories
  Filter Membranes

      Tianjin Automatic Science Instrument Co. Ltd was established in Tianjin Economic Development Area by Medilab Company from Canada in 1992. It devotes to the development, production and marketing of various high-tech products such as analytic & testing apparatus, lab equipments etc.
      At present, our company has developed the AT Serial Column Heater, UH Series Ultrasonic Processors, AS Serial Ultrasonic Bench Top Cleaner, MH-2800 Serial Multi-Block, DG Serial Mobile Phase On-line Vacuum Degassing Systems, SRJ-20A Solvent Recycler, AL-01 Serial solvent Filtration Apparatus, Dry Vacuum/pressure Pumps, ANASTAR Chromatography Data Processing Station, AM-3250A (B) Serial Magnetic Stirrer, SWB-2000 Horizontal Shaking Bath, AVS-50, AOS-50, AFS-50, ARS-50 Small Shaker, ATP Serial Tubing Pumps,VDO series vacuum drying oven,MTN-2800 series pressure blowing concentrator and Ultra Purified Water System, etc. Their favorable design, fine quality and perfect after-sale service enjoy a high reputation home and abroad.
      Other products such as Disposable Syringe Filters, Fixed-Needle Syringes, Chromatography Accessories, Filter Membranes etc. are also available from our company.
More information can be found on our website at Http://
      If you have any requirements, please contact us either by phone or by mail. We will spare any effort to provide our best service.

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